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AFU Podcast: For The Love of the Game - Music that is!
September 30, 2014 04:06 PM PDT
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AFU Podcast is back in October with another Episode featuring the hottest new tracks from Major Artists and the Best Independent Artists on the rise. These podcasts are to introduce you to new music if you enjoy please support these artists and buy there music and see there live shows!!!

This Episode is called "For the Love of the Game" - music is the game these artists play in, they right incredible music for you the fans to build their Audiences!!

Here is the Track Listing:

Stars - Sixx A.M.
Back to Oblivion - Finch
Colors - Empire Theory
You, Me & the Sound - Face the King
Submissions - The Tea Party
Your Future - Timothy Bloom
Little Miss Whiskey - The Morrison Brothers Band
Follow - Lovebettie
Sweet Gitchey Rose - Lenny Kravitz
Midnight Oil - California Breed
Contemptress - Motionless in White
Matter of Time - Wovenwar
King of Errors - Evergrey
Ember City - Mastodon
Bitch in the Pit - Body Count
Flashback Golden Nugget Track
The Knife - Genesis
Man of the Times - In The Presence of Wolves
Eternal Reigns Will Come - Opeth
A Beautiful Mistake - Voyager
Siren Sky - Threshold
Kerakrps - Thought Chamber
Language I: Intuition - The Contortionist

3rd Annual Liberty Musicfest Artist Sounds Volume 2
July 23, 2014 08:32 AM PDT
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This podcast 1 of 4 for the Liberty Musicfest held in Philadelphia from Wed Aug 20th 2014 through Sun Aug 24th 2014, showcasing over 100+ artists from all over the region representing all genres!
for more details about LMF go to

Here is the track listing for Volume 2 Enjoy!!!

Nadira Norjahan (Philly)
Paul Saint John (UK/US)
Bobbie Morrone Trio (Philly)
Satellities Fall (Rhode Island)
Cypher Clique (NY/DE)
Mile Marker Zero (Conn)
Lovecartel (Philly)
Evan Russell Saffer (NYC)
Melody Rose (NY)
Pistol Shot Gypsy (Rhode Island)
Liz de lise (Philly)
JAy Griffy (Bronx)
The Late Saints (Philly)
Tony Desimone (Philly)
Alright Junior (Philly)
Emily Danger (BRKLYN)
D.O.E. Boy Philly
Zymotic Flow (Philly)
Plantation (Philly)
Old Man Savage (NJ)
Danielle and Jennifer (Philly)
Jesse Baker Band (Lancaster,PA)
Roxy Rollz (NJ)
Stealing Fame (Philly)

3rd Annual Liberty Musicfest Artist Sounds Volume 1
July 17, 2014 05:44 PM PDT
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This podcast 1 of 4 for the Liberty Musicfest held in Philadelphia from Wed Aug 20th 2014 through Sun Aug 24th 2014, showcasing over 100+ artists from all over the region representing all genres!
for more details about LMF goto

Here is the track listing for Volume 1 Enjoy!!!

Giffords Lane - "Higher Love"
Black Dirty - "Sky Blue Lawn Darts"
Midnight Mob - "All for Nothing"
Rich Quick - "Real Rugged Raw"
Cookie Rabinowitz - "Crakka Smie"
Adam Travis and the Soul - "Dancing in the RAin"
Montgomery Streets - "Younger Than"
Survay Says! - "I am to Misbehave"
Rowboat Casino - "Flamethrower"
Stephen Lyons - "Fall"
The Currys - "Wrecking Ball"
The Blackfires - "Gambit"
Revel 9 - "Good Fight"
Black Rue - "Baby Blue"
Angel Vilvaldi - "5"
Carfax Abbey - "Ketamine"
Steve Foht - "Silence is Golden"
Minerva - "Beautiful"
Joie Kathos - "Bam Bam"
Cory Wade Hindrof - "Stay True"
Those People - "Black Swan"
Kid Felix - "Jericho"
A Better Class of Criminal - "Locked and Loaded"
Terrible Friends - "Don't Rattle the Cage"
Vajra - "Inside the Flames"
Haley - "Broken Guitars"

AFU PODcast April 2014 New Music
April 10, 2014 05:30 AM PDT
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We have a great podcast for you this month, its a great way to kick in spring with a great mix of new music of blues, rock, soul, metal, prog, dance and hip hop. Please support these artists!!!!

This Podcast features :

John the Conqueror - Get Em
Wolfmother - How Many Times
Blues Pills - Time is Now
The Sixes - Forgetting Yesterday
S.U.N. - Burnded (features Sass Jordan)
The Pretty Reckless - Absolution
Lynam - Halfway to Hell
Plantation - Slow Down
Clutch - Book, Saddle & Go
Haley - Broken Guitars
Angel Vivaldi - ".----"
Intervals - Siren Sound
Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver
Demon Hunter - Extremist
Valance - The Depths
Cool Colabs...
Herbie Hancock & John Mayer - Stich it Up
Jeff Beck & Josh Stone - There's No Other Me
Dave Matthews & Jurassic 5 - Work it Out
Rowboat Casino - Exclusive new track
Dj Sat One w/ Ms. Tina Perez - All Night
DeRobert and the Half Truths - I'm Tryin
Vintage Trouble - Blues Hand Me Down
Steve Wilson - Birthday Party
Anubis Gate - Destined to Remember
Beyond the Bridge - The Call
Caligula's Horse - City HAs No Empathy

Looking to get your music on AFU PODcast -send a link of your music to

AFU - Specialcast: PUNK RAWK!!!
January 15, 2014 11:15 AM PST
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Well I finally put together a special cast dedicated to Punk!!! I first got into Punk hearing Agent Orange's Bloodstains in 1981. I found out about punk when I was a strapping young skateboarder with my G&S Board with Sims Snakes and Tractor Trucks and looking at the pictures in Skateboard Magazines. So ever since that day Punk has been in my life. I put together some of my favorite punk tracks mostly all are old skool and a little ska also!!! Oi!!!!!!

Track Listing:
Intro: McRad - Tomorrows Headline

Agent Orange - Bloodstains
X Ray Spex - Identity
Stiff Little Fingers - alternative Ulster
Sex Pistols - Holiday in the Sun
The Germs - Let's Pretend
Fear - Camarillo
Reagan Youth - Heavy Metal Shuffle
The Dickies - Banana Split Theme
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore Eyes
Circle Jerks - Live Fast Die Young
Gang Green - Skate to Hell
UK Subs - Scum of the Earth
Death - Where Do We Go From Here
The Vibrators - Stiff Little Fingers
Bow Wow Wow - C30, C60, C90, Go
Dead Kennedys - To Drunk to Fu*K
The Ramones - Cretin Hop
Black Flag - Rise Above
Suicidal Tendencies - Suicide is an Alternative
T.S.O.L. - In Time
The Casualties - Riot!
The Exploited - Punks Not Dead
Husker Du - Whatcha Drinking
Bad Brains - Big Take Over
The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail
Fishbone - Skankin to the Beat
The Selector - To Much Pressure
The Specials - Pressure Drop
Rancid - Timebomb
Blondie - Attack of the Giant Ants
DeadBoys - Sonic Reducer
Fugazi - Waiting Room
Generation X - Ready Steady Go
The Misfits - Last Caress
DOA - Smash the State
Flogging Molly - Drunken Lullibies

AFU - Cassette MIX #1 (non stop mix)
June 12, 2013 08:59 AM PDT
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Remember the days you use to get a cassette tape fill it with all your favorite tunes from the radio or LP's. You would pop it into a boom box or your car and jam out to!! So I put together some of my favorite tracks in honor of the cassette tape mixes!!!

This is a non stop mix with no interuptions!!! ENJOY!!!

Fishbone - "Sunless Saturday's"
Faith No More - "Falling to Peices"
I Mother Earth - "Levitate"
Quicksand - "Thorn in My Side"
Henry Rollins Band - "Starve"
Smashing Pumpkins - "I Am One"
Jane's Addiction - "Mountian Song"
Dandelion - " I Can Remember"
Ebony Run - "V115BX"
Hum - "The Pod"
Sugarcubes - "Hit"
SoulHat - "Bonecrusher"
Big Wreck - "That Song"
Blind Melon - "Tones of Home"
Liveing Color - "Memories Can't Wait (Live)"
Rage Against the Machine - " Killing in the Name of"

Love to here your cassette mixes, feel free to leave then in comments!!!

Specialcast: Progressive Rock & Metal
March 19, 2013 01:04 PM PDT
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This special special Podcast is dedicated to all things Progressive in rock and metal. I put together a great selection of music. This is a long one, but it's prog!!! So put some headphones on and get lost in the music!!!

Track Listing:
Spock's Beard - "I Know Your Secret"
Steve Wilson - "The Holy Drinker"
Disperse - "Enigma of Adobe"
Riverside - "Celebrity Touch"
Rush - "Caravan"

John Macaluso & Union Radio - "T-34"
Pain of Salvation - "Inside"
Leprous - "Bilateral"
Edgend - "Internal Fire"
Division by Zero - "The Glass Face"

Dream Theater - "Lost Not Forgotten"
Dream Theater - "Instrumedley"
Leviathan - "Blue Screen of Death"
Mrrath - "My Inner War"
Prymary - "Edge of Discovery"
Symphony X - "Iconoclasts"

Blotted Science - "Activation Synthesis Theory"
Marty Friedman - "Forbidden City"
MCM (Masi/Coven/Macaluso) - "Dead Monkey Road"
Suspyre - "The Whispers Never Written"

Tribute to The Grape Street Pub - Philadelphia, PA.
January 16, 2013 03:43 PM PST
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This is a special tribute to a music venue in the Manayunk sction of Philadelphia. I spent over 10yrs at this club working with a bunch of amazing people and musicians. I put together this podcast to pay tribute to The Grape Street Pub. There was so much music to choose from that will warrant a second edition. So I hope you enjoy this as much as I did of putting this together. This goes out to Scooter, Soundman Mike, Tom D, Andrew, Joe, Joey B (RIP) and all the staff, patrons and musicians who made GSP an room with thousands of great memories.

Buzz Zeemer - "This Town"
Huffamoose - "James"
Ben Arnold - "Everywhere You Go"
Jim Boggia - "O/P"
June Rich - "No Answer"
Stargazer Lily - "Christopher"
Granian - "Whole Again"

K-Floor - "I Will Stay"
Tommy Conwell and the Little Kings - "Moanin'"
Tom Gillam & Tractor Pull - "Diamonds in the Rough"
Transistor Rodeo - "Cutting it in Two"
Kelly Bell Band - "Ain't Like it Used to Be"
James Pace Band - "Where Do You Go"

WNOC - "Hit the Stage"
Princes of Babylon - "Babylon"
Stiltwalker - "Speed Up"
The Freaking Cads - "Supernatural"

Some of trhe many Artists who came through before they broke nationally
Jeff Buckley - "The Last Goodbye"
Howie Day - "Morning After"
Dereck Trucks Band - "Mr. P.C."
Martin Medeski Wood - "Bubblehouse"
Antigone Rising - "Run ForYour Life"
Thousand Foot Krutch - "When In Doubt"

Some of the artists that broke out of the area nationally
Isle of Q - "Sweet Potato"
Sivertide - "Blue Jeans"
Halestorm - "I Bleed"
Pepper's Ghost - "Heavy Body Bag"
Tapping the Vein - "Beautiful"
Sinch - "Something More"
Seether - "Fine Again" ***One of their 1st shows in the states, Local Guitarist Pat Callahan was asked to join the band that night"

Laughing Colors - "Roll into the Light"
Big Wreck - "That Song"
Jealousy Curve - "Useless"
The Red King - "I Hope"
DownCircleBack - "Out"
The Usual - "Sitting on the Wall"
The Mighty O.V. - "Everything"
Noosphere - "Worlds Apart"
Carfax Abbey - "Spitshine"

Big Dog Lovin - "Moody Joint"